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Simple Pleasures, the Best Things in Life

By RenaHuber on February 24, 2014 in News, Reset

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures….we enjoy them, we look for them, everyone says they are the best things in life.

Life starts out pretty simple…we see that with small children. They enjoy an empty box, a butterfly. Their parents ensure their basic needs are met, they are loved, they embrace life’s little joys and simple pleasures with laughter and giggles.

Then life gets more complicated. School, friends, sports, rent, bills, jobs, spouses…you name it, everyone has their unique set of life complicators.  All of this is meant to enhance, grow and create a spectacular life. Get that degree to get a better job. Get another degree to enhance your career. Get a husband, get some kids, get a house, get a cool car….you name it…there is always something out there to get, to achieve…all meant to enhance our joy, our life, our happiness.

So we create goals and action plans and work to achieve them.  Our lives become a maze of schedules and meetings. We get busy and busier but did we get happier?

Enjoying Simple Pleasures

I find that my first 50 years were a whirl….had some great moments, great times, great success, large loss,…but in the next 50 years, I want to get back to simple. I do not need or want the fast and furious life that so many around me are seeking.

On a recent trip to New Orleans, my husband and I made our pilgrimage to Café du Monde.  This fine coffee joint has been serving coffee and beignets since 1862. Nothing fancy. Just really good coffee and really, really good donuts with a French flair. The décor is really simple and old. People come from all over the world and stand in line for the opportunity to sit and enjoy this simple treat. Can I get coffee and donuts at home? sure! are they same as those at Café du Monde? No way. Jack and I sat and enjoyed our treat, ordered a second order of beignets. Took photos, watched the other visitors from all over the world, listened to the jazz musicians on the sidewalk. It was a simple pleasure moment and we really, really enjoyed the time and the memory it created.

I will seek more of these simple pleasure moments. Savor them, find them, create them and I encourage you to do the same as we create our THRIVEing life!!

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